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Meet the Trailblazer Behind Sales Confidence

In a world where sales professionals navigated solo, James Ski envisioned a united front.

Founding Sales Confidence on the pillars of support and growth, he transformed a simple blog and a sequence of intimate London networking events into a beacon for the the UK’s sales professionals across the SaaS industry.

With a mission to empower B2B Sales people globally at every career stage, James Ski stands not just as a CEO, but as the cornerstone of a community thriving on Developing the Right Mindset, fostering holistic Wellbeing, driving peak Performance and securing Financial success.

His story isn’t just about sales; it’s about pioneering a new chapter in SaaS excellence and innovation.

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The Sales Confidence Revolution

Enter a sphere where sales professionals don’t just network—they ignite change together. James Ski’s vision materialised into a thriving ecosystem where ideas proliferate, strategies evolve, and careers soar.

At Sales Confidence, every event, every interaction, is a step towards greatness.
This isn’t just a community; it’s a crucible where ambitious professionals are forged into the next generation of maestros.

Feel the undercurrent of change? It’s time to bridge the gap from ambition to leadership in the realm of sales.

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2024: A Year of Sales Mastery

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sales confidence events
sales confidence events for professionals

From local meet-ups to global summits, our 2024 event roster is curated for sales professionals at every level. Whether you’re an SDR eager to learn, a leader ready to network, or part of the vibrant Women in this community, there’s an event with your name on it.

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