About Sales Confidence

Our vision is to build the world’s most valuable B2B Sales community, elevate the sales profession and help sales leaders become the best they can be by achieving peak performance, mindset awareness and positive wellbeing.

James Ski

James Ski, Sales Confidence’s Founder and CEO, recognised the lack of support for the sales community at large and set about changing the Professional Sales space here in the UK. First launched as a blog and a series of intimate B2B sales networking events in London, James founded Sales Confidence as a way of connecting the top 10% of sales professionals who had ambition to accelerate, grow and develop their careers. Connect with James Ski on Linkedin.

Why Sales Confidence?

Sales are the driving force for business growth. Sales play such a pivotal role between building the relationships with customers and connecting the business to its audiences. However, selling today is considered an unscrupulous job with commissioned salespeople pushing products to consumers who don’t really want them. Sales Confidence is here to change that perception by empowering sales professionals to own and celebrate the work that they do.

And Why Confidence?

Sales & Confidence go hand-in-hand.

Confidence is finding your authentic self, which helps you discover your purpose, both in the workplace and in the sales world at large. As you endeavour to be your true self – you will automatically convert leads better and empower those around you. Self-confidence is step #1, but it will be challenged at every level. Let us help you in your path to more sales and increased confidence!