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About Sales Confidence

James Sky

Meet The Founder

James Ski

James Ski is the embodiment of ambition and resilience. Fueled by his dream of entrepreneurship and a seasoned career in SaaS sales, James found his calling in empowering sales professionals.

His journey is one marked by personal challenges, overcoming the highs and lows of bipolar disorder, and harnessing his experience to champion mental wellbeing alongside professional excellence. It was this blend of personal insight and industry expertise that gave birth to Sales Confidence.

Starting with just a series of engaging events, James has grown Sales Confidence into a beacon of learning and development, a subscription membership that’s as much about fostering a positive mindset as it is about skill-building.

His dedication shines through Sales Confidence’s mission to uplift every member’s potential, driving their growth, and nurturing their sales superpower.

James Sky - CEO
James Sky - CEO
About Sales Confidence: Empowering Sales Professionals

The Evolution of Sales Confidence

Sales Confidence sprang to life from a vision to unify and elevate the bustling SaaS sales community. What began as a vibrant series of events swiftly became the cornerstone of a movement, embracing James Ski’s passionate belief in development through connection.

Our Mission: Empowering Sales Professionals

The mission was clear, to instil confidence in sales professionals at every level by fostering a community dedicated to enhancing mindset, wellbeing, performance and financial stability.

As the brand grew, so did its reach, transcending the events to form a learning and development membership that became the new heartbeat of Sales Confidence in late 2022.

This platform now stands as a testament to the power of shared knowledge and the pursuit of excellence in the professional sales space in the UK and beyond.

Our vision

Building the World’s most Valuable
B2B Community for Sales Professionals

Our events
About Sales Confidence: Empowering Sales Professionals
About Sales Confidence: Events
About Sales Confidence: Empowering Sales Professionals
About Sales Confidence: James Sky

The Membership

The Sales Confidence Membership is a dynamic ecosystem tailored to the career lifecycle of SaaS sales professionals.
From those just embarking on their journey to seasoned leaders shaping the industry, the membership is tiered to provide relevant resources and connections.

With four distinct levels — SDR Plan, AE Plan, Leaders Plan, and the newly introduced Teams Plan — each stage is crafted to target specific needs and goals, ensuring that members receive focused mentorship, strategic coaching, and powerful networking opportunities and peer to peer learning groups to accelerate their growth and achieve their career aspirations.

Our vision for sales professionals

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About Sales Confidence: Empowering Sales Professionals
About Sales Confidence: Empowering Sales Professionals
About Sales Confidence: Empowering Sales Professionals

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