3 Sales Stages Where SDRs Can Add Val-YOU!

In February 2022, we staged another Sales Confidence online event specifically for SDRs. We had a brilliant line-up of top-performing SDRs and AEs sharing unique insights. We’ve put together some articles, so even if you couldn’t be in the (virtual) room, you can still get inspired, starting with Elliott King, who demostrates how to add val-YOU to your sales approach.

Elliott King

Elliott King is a Senior SDR at Visier – the leading people analytics and workforce planning platform.

Elliott is a pioneer of leading with val-YOU in the sales process. What is val-YOU? It’s putting a personal focus on the prospect to differentiate yourself from your competitors, position yourself as a resource to your buyer, and achieve better results. During his 7-minute talk, Elliott shared three parts of the selling process where you can inject a little val-YOU.

‘It’s an instant differentiator. Your prospects get hammered with hundreds of phone calls and emails every day. Hit with val-YOU and offer your prospects something that makes you stand out straight away.’


1. Val-YOU: Start with social

Use social media to build an industry profile. Fill your social media profiles, particularly LinkedIn, with content that might be useful and valuable to your prospects. 

If you’re stuck for ideas, don’t pull content from your company blog, everyone is doing that. Instead, create content that addresses the challenges your buyers face. If you still draw a blank, talk to the equivalent of your prospect in your own organisation and find out what keeps them up at night.

Video is the best way to stand out. Whenever you’re thinking about content, ask yourself, ‘Would this be better as a video?’


2. Cold calling

Don’t let anyone tell you cold calling is dead. Elliott books 65% of his meetings over the phone! Cold calling should be the first medium you should use to reach your prospects. If you can’t get through, try email, then video. 

Open your cold call by telling your prospect who you are and then asking for 30 seconds of their time. Get them to commit to that 30 seconds, then use it to your advantage. Demonstrate your credibility and that you understand their challenges.

When your prospect agrees with you, get them to tell you more. Offer social proof to show that you have experience in solving their problem. Then, hit them with the call to action.


3. Discovery

Your discovery call is your time to deliver on your promise of value. 

Before the call, do your research, so you understand your prospect’s goals and what they’re interested in. Company annual reports are a great way to find out the concerns of the company board. 

After you’ve finished your discovery, it’s time to land that killer blow:

‘It sounds like you’re keen to learn more about this. My colleague is much more well-versed in these matters. Would you be open to a further discussion with them?’

If you’ve done your job right, delivered val-YOU and a fresh perspective, who’s going to refuse the chance to meet someone who is even more well-versed?!

Job done.


Over to you

We hope Elliott’s tips will help you shine as an SDR delivering val-YOU. But now, we want to know what you think. How do you position yourself as valuable to your prospects?

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