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In a new webinar from Salesloft, four top SaaS salespeople share their secrets for consistently beating their number. Which one could make a difference to you? Let’s find out more.

Hitting your target every month means a healthier bank balance, a career moving in the right direction and fewer awkward conversations with your manager. But how do you do it? Our partners at Salesloft got three consistent target-hitters together for a webinar where they shared six crucial tips on how they do it. 

In this article, we’ll introduce the speakers and outline their tips. However, to get the full benefit, you’ll have to watch the webinar for yourself. You can watch the full webinar here.


The Panel

Who better to share their success secrets than these three top SaaS salespeople?

  • Ben Smith – BDR Manager, Reachdesk - Ben helps deliver moments that matter in the sales process. He also used to be an ice skater
  • Jack Neicho – AE, Salesloft – When he was an SDR, Jack sent more than 1500 videos to prospects. Now, he is a top-performing AE at Salesloft
  • Ginny Coates – AE, Vidyard – Ginny is another sales video advocate, using this medium to personalise her approach and connect authentically

Moderating the chat was Salesloft’s Tom Boston – Brand Awareness Manager, Salesloft - Tom is a social media star and a ‘must follow’ in the sales tech space

Now, let’s get their six tips for smashing your sales targets.


1. Multi-channel prospecting

Your buyers may all match your ideal customer persona. They may even all have the same job title. But that doesn’t mean you can reach them all in the same way. For example, some may never look at their LinkedIn messages, while others may have their email account set to send sales emails to junk.

To connect with your prospects, you need to be everywhere. A multi-channel approach, including phone, social, email, direct mail, video (and more!) is the way to get through and get a response.


2. Be human

Your buyers want to talk to a human being, not a robot. Successful conversion rates result from you making an authentic connection. Here are three quick ways to boost the human factor in your prospecting:

  • Put ‘Sent from my iPhone’ at the bottom of your emails, even if you sent them from your laptop. It makes your emails look more off-the-cuff
  • Send gift cards to build rapport. Make sure you track when the prospect opens them and spends them
  • Don’t just ask them ‘How are you?’ on the phone. Ask them, ‘What was the highlight of your weekend?’ It helps create a personal connection


3. Build a personal brand on social media

Sure, there are already a vast number of sales reps active on social media. But, it’s never too late for you to start reaping the rewards of a social media presence. After all, you have a unique style. You aren’t like anyone else out there.

LinkedIn is where your customers are, so make it the first place you build your brand. Of course, it takes time, and you’re unlikely to get immediate results. But, when a prospect has already seen your content on LinkedIn, there’s already a level of familiarity there, a connection that puts you ahead of the competition. 


4. Multithreading

In today’s world where there are multiple buyers with sign off on each deal, you can’t hang your hat on one champion. After all, one in four executives leave their company every year. Being across as many people as possible makes the likelihood of closing much larger. 

A great question to ask when you want to find out who else you need to connect with is, ‘The last time you bought tech like this, who else was involved in the process?’ If they don’t know, you can guide them from your experience. Get them to get you in front of everyone who has input. This will save your time later down the line!


5. Take a data-driven approach

There are two types of data in sales:

  • Data you can control – how many calls you make, emails you send, accounts you touch etc
  • Engagement data – e.g. when someone opens a video, how much do they watch etc

Focus on outcome over activity. For example, go for 5 connects a day rather than 60 dials. Reverse engineer hitting your target. How many connects do you need to get a meeting? How many dials do you need for each connect?

Build a repeatable process, then look at where you can boost your success rate.


6. Video

Our speakers talked about video during almost every tip. Finally, it gets its own slot.

Video is powerful because:

  • You can use video to boost results across the whole sales cycle – try it instead of email for follow-ups or objection handling
  • It’s shareable – use video to connect with multiple decision-makers
  • You can use your analytics to see when it’s been watched, forwarded etc
  • It allows you to present a human face to your prospect
  • Although it’s actually super easy to use, it looks to the prospect that you made a lot of effort to put a video together, increasing the likelihood of receiving a response 

Video is the future, but it’s here for you now.


Watch The Entire Salesloft Webinar

I hope you got something from these six quick tips. But, to get the full benefit of Ben, Jack and Ginny’s expertise, you need to watch the whole webinar.

Click here to get started – and don’t forget us when you hit that target!