Be Yourself & Be Successful

Mattia Schaper from Salesloft showed the Sales Confidence audience how to be yourself, stand out from the SDR crowd and reap the rewards. Let’s find out more.

In February 2022, we staged another Sales Confidence online event specifically for SDRs. We had a brilliant line-up of top-performing SDRs and AEs sharing unique insights. We’ve put together some articles, so even if you couldn’t be in the (virtual) room, you can still get inspired.


Mattia Schaper

Mattia is an SDR at Salesloft – the leading sales engagement platform and Sales Confidence diamond partner. 

Mattia used to be quite self-conscious, but everything changed when she arrived in the world of sales. Nevertheless, it took a while for Mattia to find her voice.

‘I started copying people who said their emails got better results. But it didn’t work. It was like wearing a mask. Then, I read a study that said C-level executives get 127 outreach attempts a day – and that most of them look the same. I realised that for the first time in my life, I shouldn’t try to blend in. Instead, I’d stand out.’

Of course, this change led to real success for Mattia as an SDR.

Here are three ways you can use your unique personality to be successful in sales. 


1. Find yourself

Your personality isn’t the same as anyone else’s, so by definition, it will make you stand out. However, it’s hard to put your personality into your outreach if you don’t know who you are. 

Talk to your friends and find out what they believe makes you different. If they say, for example, that you’re funny and like cracking jokes, maybe that’s something you can put into your outreach?

People appreciate you as you are and want to see the real you.


2. Check your emails 

Before you send an outreach email, check it over. 

Don’t check it for spelling or punctuation (although that’s important). Instead, compare it to a WhatsApp message that you’d send one of your friends. Look at the tone, the words you use and the attitude you display. Sure, you don’t want to send a CEO the same message you send to a friend on a Saturday night, but there should be some alignment. 

When you check your email, ask yourself whether it could only have been written by you. If the answer is yes, you can press ‘Send’.


3. Just do it

Don’t be afraid to try new things in your outreach. Once you start, you’ll soon find that everything falls into place pretty quickly. 

If you’re just starting in the industry, try to work for an organisation that embraces you for who you are and lets you be yourself. Don’t work somewhere that puts you in a box or makes you wear a mask.


Over to you

I hope Mattia’s tips help you inject some of your uniqueness into your outreach. Try it and see how it changes your results.

Now, we want to know what you think. What do you do to add a personal touch to your outreach? Are you a joker? Or maybe you put song lyrics into your emails? It’s all good. We won’t judge!

Share your tips with the Sales Confidence community by leaving a comment below.