Build your brand inside your company — with Marya Stevens

Your credibility within your organisation is as important as your credibility outside of it. Marya Stevens from Ometria tells us more.

Back in January 2020, Sales Confidence staged another one of its exclusive live events for individual contributors. We were thrilled to welcome four of London’s rising stars of SaaS sales to speak at our event. Based on their talks, we’ve put together some articles. Even if you couldn’t be with us, you can still get inspired.

Marya Stevens

Marya Stevens is an Enterprise BDM at Ometria, customer marketing platform for retailers and old friends of Sales Confidence. She also presents The Common Thread, Ometria’s podcast for retail marketers. Make sure you give it a listen.

In her Sales Confidence talk, Marya showed us how she built her personal brand within Ometria. In sales, it’s just as important to do this as it is to craft a reputation in the wider industry. You get more done that way.

‘You need different teams to close a deal. You have to do the most, but ensure you are able to pull on those other teams. Leverage internal resources. You can present yourself and the company to your prospects in a better way.’

How do you do this? Marya gave us three tips.

1 — Make friends

I’m sure you’re tight with your colleagues on the sales team, but what about everyone else? Even if you don’t sit together, you work with these people every day. You want them behind you.

Look for shared interests with your colleagues. (At Ometria, they use Slack channels. Marya loves the foodies, music and gamers channels.) Go for drinks these people. Build relationships.

2 — Consistency and accountability

In work, be known in your company for your consistency, accountability and courtesy, even ahead of good you are at your job. When they need something from you, go above and beyond for them. Give others value and you’ll get it back when you need it.

Join the cross-departmental teams. Show up and be the one that gives value. It elevates your status in the company and cements good relationships with other departments.

‘Get to know engineers. They’re weird, but alright once you get to know them!’

3 — Do what works for you

This is the method that has worked for Marya and the kind of person she is, but you must do what works for you.

Some people like to make videos or post all the time on LinkedIn to build their personal brand, but it’s not for everyone.

‘Step outside of the traditional ways of doing things. LinkedIn articles don’t work for me. They’re too time-consuming. But when I got the opportunity to create a podcast, I jumped at it.’

Over to you

Thanks to Marya for this excellent talk.

Now, we want to know what you think.

What do you do in your organisation to build your personal brand?

What are your tips for building relationships with people in other departments?

Let us know with a comment below.