Claire Brown joins Sales Confidence as Customer Success & Partnerships Manager

Providing a first-class customer experience through everything we do and communicate is the substructure to all we do at Sales Confidence. As Claire Brown, our new Customer Success and Partnerships Manager joins the team, we sat down to talk about her plans to make customer goal attainment bigger and better in 2020.

The Sales Confidence team is growing again. Today, we welcome Claire Brown to the team, joining as Customer Success and Partnerships Manager. We are committed to providing value at every interaction we have with our community which is why having Claire onboard as our CSM will help our customers grow and achieve goals while simultaneously strengthening their relationship with the business. Let's find out more about Claire, her experiences and her goals for Sales Confidence this year!

Claire Brown — Customer Success and Partnerships Manager

JS: Hi Claire. Great to have you on the team. Let’s start by telling the Sales Confidence community about you and your career. How did you get to this point?

CB: I’ve always been a people person and from the age of 16, I have worked in customer-facing roles. After graduating from university, I decided to do a ski season and I was thrilled and flattered to land a management role straight away as Head of Customer Services. I loved the fast-pace and variety of the role that came from interacting with a wide range of people (guests, staff, suppliers etc) making every day different.

With my enthusiasm and passion, I progressed up the ladder to take on senior roles as Hotel Manager and Resort Manager. Throughout the past four years working in hospitality and tourism, I have made connections with a variety of people and gained many invaluable skills along the way. I have had the opportunity to further develop my interpersonal skills, gain management experience and effectively run a hotel/resort operation. I have learnt skills in sales, public speaking and running events and learnt how to pass this knowledge on to my teams through training and continuous support.

JS: Why did you decide to stop working in hospitality overseas and why did you choose this industry?

CB: After successfully carrying out senior roles and achieving my KPIs, I’m ready for a new challenge! If there’s anyone industry that is growing at an exciting pace in the world, it’s SaaS. It has already become a staple in our day-to-day lives and its projected growth for the future is set to skyrocket. Increasingly more businesses are adopting SaaS technologies from the banking sector to healthcare and everything in between, so that means the number of B2B SaaS sales reps is increasing. In terms of a career choice with relevance and opportunities for the future, it seems to me that SaaS sales is a smart idea.

JS: How do you see the SaaS sales industry evolving?

CB: Currently, technology is helping us to be faster and more efficient, but it cannot be a substitute for genuine human connection. I think that the B2B sales community is such a good idea for helping everyone involved in this profession and bringing humanity back into this industry. If you look at the psychology, people learn best from hearing stories first-hand and meeting people in real life; they remember the narrative around the lesson learnt or how people made them feel and that consolidates it into their memory. On the flip side, to hire the best salespeople, you can only find out their true potential from meeting them in person and getting a sense of their drive and ambition, but also their empathy and curiosity.

JS: What attracted you to Sales Confidence?

CB: When I first read the job advert, I remember feeling so excited about the role. Researching further into Sales Confidence made me certain that this was something I wanted to be a part of. The mission of the company is to help people realise their individual and business potential by connecting with and learning from others. Sales Confidence is driving a much-needed change in both the SaaS sales industry and the business world in general, namely that we need to reintroduce human connection in order to succeed both on an individual and a corporate level.

One of my priorities has always been to work for a company with a friendly and welcoming culture and on meeting you and the team, I knew that it’s the right fit for me. I also admire your personal commitment to tackling the stigma against mental health. It’s so important that we feel enabled to speak out, share our experiences and promote mental wellbeing within the Sales Confidence community.

I find the company vision to help people at all stages of their career admirable and inspiring. I’m thrilled to be joining the team and can’t wait to start building relationships with our customers to help them get the most out of our events and services.

JS: Why Customer Success?

CB: My passion and drive are ultimately for working with and helping people and that’s why I think Customer Success is so important. I genuinely want to help customers get the best out of their experience with us. I believe my background in travel, finding the balance of both service and sales, has offered me valuable skills needed for this role as the two areas work very closely together to help customers succeed. I consider myself very lucky to be working for a company that already understands how important our customers are; the whole ethos of Sales Confidence is to bring people together into a community to learn and grow together.

JS: What are you going to be doing?

CB: The Sales Confidence community is constantly growing. I’m going to make sure that all of our customers come front and centre in everything that we do. I’ll be learning about their views on our events and other services to ensure that we are helping each and every one of them. I’ll be analysing the data and working closely with all members of our team to see what we can do operationally to ensure that all of our customers are getting the best experience.

JS: Brilliant. Thanks, Claire. Tell us something about yourself that we don’t know about yet.

CB: Due to my various job roles and careers taking me in different places, I have lived in 5 different countries including Italy, Austria, Greece, Germany and of course, the UK!

Welcome, Claire Brown!

It's a fantastic time to welcome Claire to the Sales Confidence team - we can't wait to see her elevate our customer relations and streamline our culture communications between the team, our partners and of course, you, our Sales Confidence community. Please join me us welcoming Claire to the team.

Next time you’re at one of our events, make sure you say hi to Claire if you can catch her!

If you are interested in joining the Sales Confidence team, visit our careers page here.

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