Find the Sales Confidence membership package that works for you

At Sales Confidence, we know that different people have different learning and development needs. That’s why we’re offering you three great membership packages. Let’s find out more.

Sales Confidence has always been about levelling up. We started with content, then started putting on events, then moving on to even bigger events, podcasts, video, webinars and more. Now, we’re ready to announce the next stage of our evolution; and you’re going to love it!

The Sales Confidence Membership is us fulfilling our mission to elevate the sales profession and help salespeople at every stage of their careers. Anyone can join up and receive massive value. We promise that it will accelerate your career and boost your mindset and wellbeing.

Because we appreciate that different people have different needs when it comes to learning and development, we have designed three levels of membership for you to choose from. It would take too long to show you everything Sales Confidence Membership has in store for you, but here are some highlights from each package.

To find out more and apply for membership – visit our membership page today.

1 – Explorer membership

Explorer membership is great for salespeople looking to dip their toe in the water of Sales Confidence membership. This level is great if for some reason you’re stuck in your home right now and looking to do something useful!

Here are five highlights from everything you get as an Explorer member:

  • Access to exclusive webinars and workshops from some of the sales industry’s foremost thought leaders
  • Entry to every Sales Confidence event, whether that’s online or IRL
  • Swag – Show your love for Sales Confidence with our exclusive merch
  • Online learning – Upskill with our weekly challenges and masterclasses
  • Networking – Join up and chat with the rest of the Sales Confidence membership community. Who knows who you’ll meet?

We’re sure that if you join at this level and get a taste of what Sales Confidence has to offer, you’ll be looking to upgrade in no time.

2 – Advanced membership

Our next step up is Advanced membership. If you’re looking to break through to the next level in your career or business performance, here’s where you can get the training and guidance to make it happen.

Advanced members get everything Explorers get, plus much, much more; too much to say here, in fact.
Here are just three highlights:

  • Mentoring – Advanced members get a 45-minute session with a personal mentor every month. What would you ask one of London’s most successful sales leaders?
  • Coaching – Coaching is the fuel that will level you up. Grab two 30-minute sessions with a professional coach, every month
  • Private dinners – Want to sit down with some of the best-known figures in the sales industry for a meal and a chat? Advanced members get to do that four times a year

The value you get from a Sales Confidence Advanced membership is off the scale. But we didn’t stop there.

3 – Scholar membership

Our top-of-the-range package, Scholar membership is for individuals who are serious about breaking through whatever is holding them back and performing at unprecedented levels.

Scholar members receive everything that Advanced and Explorer members do, plus a whole lot more.
Here are three highlights, exclusive to Sales Confidence Scholar members:

  • SaaSGrowth and Summit tickets – Scholar members get complimentary access to our annual SaaSGrowth and SaaSGrowth Summit events; the highlights of the European SaaS calendar
  • Lunchtime workshops – Every month, Scholar members can come to a 90-minute lunchtime workshop with the world’s best coaches. You can also hang out with our Sales Confidence members
  • Drop-in sessions – As well as longer, 45-minute, mentoring and coaching sessions, you can drop in for 20 minutes with your personal mentor every month

With this kind of backing behind you, there is no target you can’t hit.

Find out more

Seriously, we’ve only scratched the surface of what’s available when you join up with the Sales Confidence Membership. There is so much more we haven’t told you about yet.

Visit the Sales Confidence Membership page on our site for information on pricing and how to join.