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As GetAccept signs up for another year as a Sales Confidence gold partner, let’s find out more about them and their plans for 2023. 

One of my favourite things about leading Sales Confidence is being able to announce new partnerships with best-in-class SaaS organisations. However, it’s even better when our partners tell us they’re renewing for another year, as it shows that we deliver on our promises. 

I’m thrilled to announce that GetAccept has signed up as a Sales Confidence gold partner for another year. If you want to learn more about GetAccept, here’s a link to the article I wrote when they first signed up. In this article, we’ll dive deeper into GetAccept and talk about their ambitions for 2023. Let’s go.

What is GetAccept?

One and a half years ago, the team at GetAccept was a leading force in the creation of the digital sales room category. A digital sales room is a platform that supports the sales process from the first opportunity with a lead to the e-signature that seals the deal. Here’s how it works:

  • Content sharing – GetAccept allows sales reps to share every type of sales content with their prospects (presentations, proposals, quotes, contracts and more) all in one simple to use “microsite”. The sender can track every engagement (e.g. opening, dwell time, forwarding), so they can understand what works and where the prospect could use some extra help
  • Stakeholder management – Content recipients can easily invite more people into the digital sales room. This is priceless when there are more decision-makers involved in a deal than ever. When running sales processes digitally, reps can invite previously unknown stakeholders into the conversation
  • Engagement features – Reps can stay in contact with prospects on the platform through video and chat, plus with notifications and automatic reminders they can easily keep the conversation engaging and moving forward
  • Quotes & CPQ - Reps can easily share dynamic quotes, that can be updated on the fly as the negotiation commences, without the need to reshare documents.
  • Contract management – Reps can send contracts through the platform, which prospects can sign with a legally compliant e-signature
  • CRM integration – GetAccept seamlessly integrates with your CRM, instantly updating all interactions in your digital sales room. So you never have to leave your CRM to get real-time insights into your pipeline and deal status

With a digital sales room like GetAccept, remote salespeople can build relationships and trust on the platform as they would in real life. Standardising the sales process by knowing what content to send to the right stakeholders at the right time boosts predictability and speeds up your sales cycle.

Ambitions for 2023

GetAccept has huge growth ambitions for the coming year in its key markets of the US, UK, France and the Nordics. Part of the strategy is to leverage the sales community, meeting prospects where they are. 

While GetAccept was a pillar in the digital sales room category creation, it has become a competitive marketplace with several new entrants. GetAccept’s ambition is to remain the clear category leader – and it has support from organisations like Gartner, Forrester and G2, who covered digital sales rooms in their Digital Trend Report for 2023.

How GetAccept is sold into organisations often depends on that organisation’s digital maturity and their business needs. Some companies understand the digital sales room concept and the benefits of centralised space for all sales interactions, while others don’t yet see the need for it. Often, depending on the business need companies will often come to GetAccept for its contract management or engagement capabilities, then learn about its other features as they go.

Why Sales Confidence?

Throughout our partnership, I’ve worked with Frida Ahrenby, GetAccept’s CMO, to ensure its success. I’m thrilled that Frida and the GetAccept team are on board for another year.  

For Frida, while the UK is a key market for GetAccept, the team here is relatively small. GetAccept has to carefully select where they go to meet their potential dream customers. As she told me:

‘We know they hang out at Sales Confidence. So we’re going all in.’

Here’s to a successful partnership and a great 2023!

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