Helping your reps break through the noise with social

Helping your reps break through the noise with social



1 – Video is powerful

8 of 10 people have bought a piece of software or app after viewing a brand’s video
content. Salespeople can harness this power by creating video for social. It’s more likely to
get prospects to engage with them. After all, right now, they’re just sitting at home! Video
cuts through the noise of generic content. It allows you to be yourself. Make use of it.


2 – Sales is the transfer of enthusiasm

Your voice, tone and body language are by far the most critical elements of personal
communication. It’s not what you say; it’s how you say it. When you record your videos,
bear this in mind. Your natural energy must carry through. Sales is the transfer of
enthusiasm. If you are not confident as a seller, you can’t expect your prospect to be
enthusiastic about you.


3 – LinkedIn lets you send video messages!

Another great way to break through the noise is LinkedIn video messages. Not everyone
knows you can even do this, let alone have done it themselves! You can communicate over
video with your first-degree connections. These videos are extraordinarily effective if you do
them well. Disrupt your prospect’s everyday pattern to achieve the engagement you need.
45-60 seconds is the optimum length. Go to your teams and start leveraging LinkedIn video
messages right now, before your competitors do.

‘People aren’t engaging via email. Call connect rates are going down. This is what we see to
be successful.’