How Technology Can Actually Slow Down Your Sales Process

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier and speed up the sales cycle. But what happens when it doesn’t? A new study by Salesloft sets it out. Let’s find out more.

We bring technology into our sales teams for many reasons. Sometimes it’s to reduce the number of manual tasks our reps have to do. Often it’s to get insights into our customers or our numbers. Whatever the reason, the goal is always to speed up our sales cycle so we can generate more revenue. However, it doesn’t always go to plan.

Our partners at Salesloft commissioned a survey of more than 600 European sales leaders and sales operations professionals to discover the challenges they face with new tech. You can download the full report here. In this article, we’ll talk about two examples of tech actually creating a problem instead of a solution.

1. The CRM crisis

Your CRM is supposed to be the beating heart of your tech stack, where everything comes together to facilitate a smooth, productive sales process. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out that way:

  • 41% of sales leaders surveyed said a more effective or different CRM would improve their sales process
  • 36% would like to see increased adoption of the CRM

So, what’s wrong with the CRM?

Many reps see the CRM as admin-heavy and a suck on their valuable time. They would rather be selling to prospects than entering data into the CRM. After all, they’re paid to sell. 

However, if there is missing or inaccurate data in the CRM, it makes selling harder. 

2. Siloed sales software

Most sales teams have several different tech solutions in their stack. Often, they’ll have a separate piece of tech for each stage of the sales process, such as lead gen, prospecting and the close. 

However, problems can arise when these different technologies don’t play nicely with each other. It can lead to poor quality data in the organisation and a slower sales process.

The Salesloft survey discovered that:

  • 84% of participants would prefer streamlined, consolidated software over multiple solutions
  • 35% of sales leaders are fed up with the high cost of using siloed sales software
  • 39% believe that having to use multiple solutions makes reps less productive

The solution – increased visibility

One way to overcome these challenges is to use technology to gain more visibility into your sales pipeline. When you have complete visibility, you can engage prospects more effectively over a wider variety of channels (so important in the new world of hybrid working). If you can solve these problems, you boost productivity and achieve better results.

Salesloft gives revenue teams one platform where they can execute all their digital selling tasks, discover deal-specific insights, get the right coaching and engage with customers. When pipeline visibility is all-important, Salesloft gives you the big picture.

Why work with siloed solutions when all you need is Salesloft?

Find out more from Salesloft

This short article barely scratches the surface of the insights available in Salesloft’s study. 

To download the full whitepaper from Salesloft, click here