How to pull yourself out of a sales slump


Even A-players go through dips from time to time, but they know how to recognise them and pull themselves out. Let’s find out more.

Ups and downs are part of life for a salesperson. No one can be at 100% all the time, and no one hits every single target, every single time. Slumps happen, but what matters is how you react.

In this article, we’re going to look at what sales slumps are. Then we’ll look at five ways to bounce back.

What is a sales slump?

What does a sales slump mean to you? It probably means a drop in results, buyers not buying or prospects not agreeing to meetings. Maybe it’s when you see a rise in excuses from your prospects, objections, or pushing the deal back to next month.

However, there is a difference between the best and the rest in sales. Many salespeople will see a slump as something outside of their control. On the other hand, the best salespeople will see a slump as evidence that they haven’t been entirely on their game.

Slumps are usually a result of salespeople not doing the basics right, resting on their laurels, taking success for granted. Most of the time, this drop in performance has happened so gradually that it’s difficult to notice. To be great, you need to recognise that you’re in a slump, accept it, then take the necessary steps to pull yourself out.

Here are five things you must do when you find yourself in a slump.

1 — Stay active

Slumps knock your sales confidence. They make you want to hibernate, to not pick up the phone because you know you can’t talk to a prospect, to avoid going to that pitch meeting.

Of course, this is the wrong thing to do. The only way to dig yourself out of a slump is to stay active. Keep picking up that phone. Keep pounding those pavements. Focus on the basics; the sales process that you know works. Build up that sales muscle again.

You could even raise your activity level and accelerate your way out of the hole. Get into the office earlier, make more calls, show dedication.

2 — Get help

Your sales leaders are there for precisely these times. Their skills should lie in helping you through challenges. Talk to them honestly about the slump you believe you’re in. They will guide you out of there.

You should also not be afraid to talk to your colleagues about your drop in performance. Everyone goes through slumps, so you’re sure to be able to pick up some advice drawn from experience.

You can also find your own inspiration. If you have a coach or mentor, talk to them about your situation. You will also find the answer with Sales Confidence. Our articles, podcasts and videos will be the kickstart you need. Our Membership packages will hook you up with the coaches and mentors that will help you get where you want to be.

3 — Look after your mindset

Success is all about what’s in your head. To get yourself out of your slump, your head needs to be in the right place.

Firstly, accept that you’re in a slump and realise that it’s only you who can remedy the situation. Don’t get angry. Don’t be hard on yourself. Don’t wallow in negative self-talk. What’s done is done and it’s time to move on.

Next, work on your focus. Focus on your goals and your plan to get there.

You could also make some small changes to your environment to signify your fresh start, such as a clear-out of your desk.

4 — Analyse

You probably have an idea in your head about what needs to change in order to pull yourself out of your slump. However, the truth lies in the numbers. Can you identify exactly where things have gone wrong?

Then, take practical steps. For example, what prospects have you not talked to in a while? There could be potential deals that have fallen off the radar while you’ve had your eye off the ball.

Look at your pitch and your presentation. Can you improve it? Is there a part where you can feel your prospect switching off?

When you analyse what isn’t working, as well as what is, you can focus your efforts on success.

5 — Revisit your successes

The final piece of advice is to remember that you are a good salesperson. You have got to the level you’re at now because you can sell. You have smashed targets in the past. You have closed deals that you never thought possible.

If you need to remind yourself of it, look at your testimonials, or talk to your best customers.

You’re in a slump. Everyone goes through them. But half the battle is recognising that you’re in it. Now, you are going to pull yourself out.

Over to you

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