Introducing MindTickle - Outcome Obsessed Sales Readiness


It’s time to meet a new Sales Confidence partner… It’s a pleasure to welcome MindTickle to the Sales Confidence community. Let’s find out more about them.

One of the best aspects of running Sales Confidence is being able to partner up with world-class sales-tech organisations. Some of the great partners we’ve got on board include SalesLoft, Varicent, G2 and Clari. Now, we’ve got a new name to add to the list – MindTickle.

I’m excited to announce our new partnership with MindTickle and its GM of EMEA, Anthony Parker. There’s such a massive synergy between MindTickle and Sales Confidence; linking together in this way can only benefit you, the Sales Confidence community member.


What is MindTickle?

If you could sum up MindTickle in two words, it would be ‘sales readiness’. What’s that? Sales readiness is essentially how prepared you are to have the conversations that matter, giving buyers the best experience with you and your company, ensuring everyone gets the best possible outcomes. Meaning happier clients and improved performance!

MindTickle works with sales readiness leaders at some of the fastest growing and innovative companies in the world, including Infobip, LinkedIn, Snowflake and Qualtrics, to equip their customer facing teams with the knowledge, skills, coaching and ability to execute so they can hit peak “readiness” and reach their business objectives.

One of the pillars of the MindTickle platform we love is the AI-driven role play. It’s a safe environment for salespeople to practise their techniques. You record yourself practising your key messaging, for example, your new value prop, and the AI will analyse it and give you feedback on speech pace, keywords, distracting filler words and more. You can then use this AI coaching to improve, before it is sent to your manager!

Don't just take our word for it! MindTickle was voted the #1 Enterprise Product in G2 and top of 5 Lists in G2 Best Software Companies 2021!

Meet Anthony Parker

Anthony Parker is MindTickle’s General Manager of EMEA. Anthony sees himself as a coach first and sales leader second. With this obvious passion for coaching, it’s clear he is driven to help people who are open and curious and want to get better, fast!

In his spare time Anthony coaches some of the most dynamic SaaS salespeople, working at the fastest growing companies in the world, for

Anthony is a sports fanatic and is keen to point out the parallels between sports and sales, where mindset and purposeful practice is more important than just talent. If you approach sales as a craft, and are coachable and curious and creative (all traits Anthony looks for in when hiring) you can outperform anyone who has been “doing it” for fifteen years, but is doing the same thing month in month out. That’s as true in any sales team as it is on any sports field.

What I like about the way Anthony works is that for him, it’s all about cutting out the fluff and focusing on results. He is not interested in helping companies do training for training’s sake. He doesn’t care about tick boxes or smiley faces on worksheets, he has a genuine obsession with outcomes.

It’s all about helping sales readiness leaders focus on the outcomes and elevate themselves by quantifying the impact they are having on business results. When you help salespeople spend more time in front of customers, having better conversations, they ultimately develop much faster and earn more money!


Synergy with Sales Confidence

I can’t wait to introduce Anthony and MindTickle to the Sales Confidence community, because there is so much overlap with what we all believe in.

Like MindTickle, Sales Confidence is about supporting sales professionals at whatever stage they’re at in their careers. From the freshest SDRs to the most-seasoned sales leaders, we’ve got events and recorded content that gives you value.

We also share a philosophy of giving more than you take and a respect for the craft of sales.

Come and hear from Anthony in person

As you know, until we can meet again in person, we’re staging our events online.

Our next event is on March 17th for Sales and Revenue Leaders. Anthony Parker from MindTickle will be presenting his 7-minute talk. I can’t wait to introduce him and find out what he has to say. You know it’s going to be packed with value.

You can register for this event now by visiting our Hopin page. Click here.

To find out more about MindTickle, visit their site at