Meet Seismic at #saasgrowthsummit19 – and drive sales in ways you never imagined

When you come to SaaSGrowth Summit, you have a golden opportunity to get to know Seismic. If you’re a revenue leader, this could be invaluable. Let’s find out more about them.

The 2019 SaaSGrowth Summit is going to be one of the essential events for revenue leaders in Europe. We’re partnering with eleven innovative sales tech organisations, to help more than 100 decision-makers find the right tools for their businesses. In this series of articles, I am going to tell you about all of them. But first, here are the details of the #saasgrowthsummit19 event.

SaaSGrowth Summit is an all-day event for leaders in sales, marketing, sales operations or sales enablement. 

  • Friday November 22nd
  • 0830 – 1500
  • Andaz Hotel, 40 Liverpool St, London

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Introducing Seismic

Seismic is a global sales and marketing enablement solution, helping blue chip organisations such as Fidelity, T-Mobile and IBM improve close rates and deliver larger deals. Seismic is based out of San Diego, with around 1000 employees. Its last funding round was Series E in 2018.

What I like about Seismic is that it recognises the value of content when it comes to turning leads into customers. When you hit the right person with the right piece of content at the right time, you boost your chances of achieving your goals. It’s an approach we’re using at Sales Confidence and I know a lot of other great SaaS businesses do it too.

At #saasgrowthsummit19, I can’t wait for our audience of revenue leaders to see the awesome potential of the Seismic platform. 

How does it work?

Seismic is a platform providing digital content management for sales teams. It is the single source for managing, automating and distributing all of your sales content, allowing you to eliminate redundant systems and unnecessary manual processes. With Seismic, you can prioritise the content that drives sales and remove content that doesn’t. 

Better sales content means better selling situations. Armed with content that’s easy-to-find, personalised and professionally formatted, you can create a sales pitch that solves your customers’ biggest challenges. You can also:

  • Position yourself as a trusted advisor
  • Accelerate deals
  • Create more opportunities to upsell or cross-sell

You get to differentiate yourself from your competition with the right content at the right time. 

Finally, Seismic allows your marketing and sales teams to run more efficiently. Currently, 65% of the content that marketing teams create goes unused by sales. Seismic provides insight so you can see what works, allowing marketing to only create content that has value when selling.  

This is just a small slice of what Seismic can do for your business. At #saasgrowthsummit19, you can find out everything you need to know.

Let’s get together at SaaSGrowth Summit

If you’re:

  • A revenue leader – (sales, marketing, sales operations or sales enablement)
  • Leading an organisation with between 25 and 500 salespeople
  • Planning to upgrade your tech stack or go through a sales transformation in the next 3-18 months

…you need to be at #saasgrowthsummit19 to meet Seismic and ten other terrific tech partners. Remember, it’s on Friday November 22nd.

When you register, we’ll ask you to complete a short, 7-question survey so we can provide you with the best networking opportunities and introduce you to the most relevant technology partners. It’s all part of the SaaSGrowth service.

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Find out more on our new SaaSGrowth Summit website.