SaaSGrowth2019 - Quick Fire Insights | Tech Engagement with HighSpot


We've been here for about five months. We've been around for a couple of years. There's a couple of things we've really noticed talking to customers in the last couple of months. The first one was a survey report that was done by Salesforce and it shows sales people are spending less than 30% of their total time in face-to-face activity with customers.

Now, what we're also noticing is the impact of content. That sales people can be spending anything between two and six hours in trying to find personalized and shared content with customers. Now, we did a survey report of top 500 companies in the UK and sales leaders and one thing came out about performance was basically down to having the sales enabled strategy in place, having people and having technology in place is making an impact around quota and better performance. So at Highspot what we're doing is bringing technology together to enable sellers to engage with buyers in a modern way.