Sales Confidence is here: Inside the rebrand

Today we officially announce the new Sales Confidence website to the world.

What started out as a one-man-band, his own office and a whole load of confidence has quickly become a close-knit team of 25 with an inner-city London office and a whole host of successful industry events to our name. Throughout this journey, the business and the team have evolved a lot and we’ve needed a better representation to showcase our mission, vision and ideas.

With new additions to our customer-facing and leadership teams (Chief of Staff, Executive Assistant, Head of Production and Chief Financial Operator to name just a few), it was about time for a company refresh.

We’re changing the way the B2B SaaS Sales industry connect, learn, and network through events and our old branding didn’t showcase this. We feel that the new Sales Confidence website, logo, visuals and colours capture exactly what we stand for: empowering confidence.

Why we rebranded

Our focus at Sales Confidence will always be about maintaining the human touch within the world of B2B Sales and empowering the everyday professional with the confidence to unlock their potential.

Whilst we realise that many companies know our name and the events we host, what isn’t clear is who we really are and what we are capable of. Our existing branding just didn’t capture the breadth of our big vision for the future of B2B sales.

Sales Confidence Is a growing movement that champions the UK’s SaaS sales leaders and the next generation of SaaS sales talent.

Our vision is to build the world’s largest B2B Sales community, elevate the sales profession and help sales professionals be the best they can be through achieving peak performance, mindset awareness and positive wellbeing.

What has changed?

Who we are, what we stand for and what we do has stayed the same as what we provide the everyday B2B professional is unlike any other company out there in the sales industry.

What provided the foundation of our refresh started with synchronising and defining our company drumbeat: Elevating the sales profession and helping sales professionals be the best they can be through achieving peak performance, mindset awareness and positive wellbeing.

We updated our website, logo and all the elements of our online and offline brand identity to be modern, clean, professional yet fun. Sales confidence represents trust, openness, security, confidence and is a community that champions creativity, individuality and positive energy. Our company colours are designed for impact.

As for our brand voice? At its core, our voice is positive simplicity. It is straightforward, empowering, and it acknowledges the need for consistent sales development for our customers. They turn to us to achieve things, and we want to give them the information they need without fluff or distraction. We’re concise, but not abrupt. Bold and confident, not arrogant. Conversational, but never slangy. Professional, not formal. Inspiring, but not overwrought.

The imagery we use is punchy, forward-thinking and human-focused to reflect that we as a company and the events that we provide are here to help our customers. We’re smart, friendly, and engaging so our visuals are designed to be purposeful and show that.

What hasn’t changed?

Despite the recent changes we have made to our outside understanding of the business, what remains untouched is our mission, our ethos and why we do what we do. Our mission is to create a home for every sales professional in the SaaS industry, elevate their skills and help them unlock their potential.

We are helping them at each stage of their career from SDR to sales leaders, helping them to focus on enhancing their performance, improving their mindset and creating a better sense of wellbeing, self-worth and confidence.

As for confidence? Confidence is a critical element of a sales leaders’ performance but gaining that confidence in the first place is a process – it doesn’t happen overnight. Sales Confidence is about inspiring you to be a better you every day. And if you need someone else to push you one more inch on any given day, we’re here for you.