Succeeding in the Fastest Growing Cloud Ecosystem - Chris Hemingway at SaaSGrowthLive

My name is Chris Nemingway, as James said from Salesforce. I'm responsible for our ISV partners and our ecosystem here in Northern Europe and if over the next seven minutes, I'm trying to get six and a half now, if I can leave you with one message, we have a tremendous opportunity ahead of us in the in the market driven by digital transformation. So AppExchange and Salesforce can help you take advantage of that and I’ll tell you how. Firstly what I'd like to make sure we do is we cover our forward-looking statement,I'm not asking you to read all of this today but please make any commercial decision that you make based on what is available today my thanks goes to James and to Alex for moving this from a real conference to a virtual conference, which is a fantastic event so thank you to both of you, and the event team behind this platform, and thank you to everybody who's joining today to take time out of really busy schedules to be part of this and contribute to this event.

We are ahead of a huge opportunity - IDC presented a report based on the Salesforce ecosystem, and by 2025 we will drive over 1.2 trillion dollars of positive GDP because of our partners and our ecosystem and what we can provide to the industry around customer information and customer-centric data. In fact here in the UK alone we will drive 144,000 jobs net new jobs by 2025 and over 70 billion dollars of positive GDP, the opportunity is huge. So digital transformation is really driving part of this economy and for every dollar with salesforce, there's over five dollars available for partners in our ecosystem, so a tremendous opportunity. However we had a crisis hit, and we all know what that is; general Colin Powell is on the board at Salesforce and he led the first gulf war campaign, and one of the things he talks about in Salesforce terms is in any kind of crisis you have to lock down and stabilise, and we've all been through that lockdown period and we're starting to come out of the other side of that into what we call reopen phase. Some businesses are still in that stabilised lockdown phase at the moment, but many of us are going back to work and the challenge is how do we reopen work safely. 

And once you've mobilised and you've got your troops in the right place for going back to work, the next part is how do you go on the offensive and how do you grow your business. And I'm going to talk a little bit about how salesforce can help you take advantage of that opportunity. So what are we doing at salesforce to help our businesses and our partners on our ecosystem get back to work? Well we do it in three ways we've gone through Salesforce care in that stabilised space which was an economic stimulus and being empathetic with our customers and supporting them through that lockdown crisis, and we're still doing that for a number of customers today. About a month ago we launched something called, which is really an initiative about opening for business and I'll talk a little bit about that in a moment. And then thirdly going on the offensive is about growing your business, and you will do that using the customer 360 platform Salesforce provides from working from anywhere and I'll talk a bit about that. So what is this is a new command centre that touches every employee in the organisation in your customers or your businesses and it brings in content from different data sources around what's going on so that business leaders in the company can make decisions that help them inform how best to run their organisation. So whether you're looking at resource planning or shift scheduling where are people in the business, how do I do contact tracing for them. We have the ability to push with my trailhead training and skilling up workers for this new world in helping them return to work safely. And then there is an entire new set of products being built around that is curated in something called AppExchange which is our marketplace or our ecosystem under the collection. And there's a tremendous opportunity for consulting partners consultants developers and independent software vendors to build new applications, whether it's in the ctI space and using presence to understand where people are and correlate that and feed that back into the command and control dashboard; so tremendous opportunity to help our customers your customers get back to work.

But we want to take them beyond that and only a couple of weeks ago we allowed we launched Salesforce anywhere. Salesforce anywhere will actually ship and be available later this smer. And this is really a new initiative about helping people get back to work from wherever they are actually in whatever this new normal is, because I don't think we're all going to be back in the offices anytime soon, so we need to work from wherever we, are collaborate from wherever we are, share data from wherever we are in a smart way using the power of the customer 360 platform and AI. In fact salesforce is marketplace, a report from Forrester put us as the leader of business to business marketplaces for another consecutive year and we've been in that leadership position for a nber of years now. And you'll see Amazon there as a leader in the b2c market space. So don't take our word for it, we really have that marketplace that enables trading; and marketplaces have always enabled trading for hit for thousands of years and this is what salesforce is doing with our marketplace which is why that opportunity exists by 2025. In fact we launched our marketplace in 2006, two years ahead of app store from Apple, and today we have over 86 percent of our customers are using apps from app store and you'll see household names here. We've had over 8 million business installs, not users, but company wide installs of apps for map exchange, so a tremendous opportunity for you to participate or utilise or be part of this ecosystem.

In fact one of our german manufacturing customers is using over 21 different applications around the customer 360 platform and the single source of truth of data they hold about their customers; that multiple lines of business are using multiple applications to extend the value extend the sales capabilities extend their customer services capabilities, and run better IT by using our applications and getting quicker value to their business. We make our app exchange program available in three core pillars, we drive customer success as you saw in that example, reaching more than 150,000 enterprise customers. We provide a platform that enables rapid innovation, in fact four to ten times faster than traditional application development can be done using the Salesforce platform, and the fact that we're releasing more innovation and three releases a year of that platform for everybody to develop on is incredibly powerful. And then thirdly typically ISVs and IBC issued a report that shows that ISVs are growing typically 48%  by using the power of the AppExchange to reach their business.

If I can leave you with one thing it is this join AppExchange and join, James thank you and enjoy the rest of the conference guys.