The truth behind $0-8m ARR

The truth behind $0-8m ARR

1 – Do your job well and good things happen

There are times when you might be worried about your job, thinking you won’t get the
promotion you want or that someone might be brought in above you. In these situations,
the only thing you can control is how well you do your job. Get your head down and
produce. Deliver what is asked of you. You’ll probably find that everything works out in your

2 – Consultants are not the key to scale

Consultants and advisors can be useful, especially on a personal level. You can get valuable
mentorship and strategic advice from them. However, when it comes to selling, they don’t
always produce the goods. Many consultants are great at guidance but do not have the
ability to execute. The key to success is having a great team that works hard, not

3 – You don’t have to wing it from the start

Just because you’re a new company, you don’t have to make it up as you go along. Learn
from what the bigger organisations do. You can have processes, tech and playbooks from
the start. Why wait? At Cognism, there was a documented sales processes from Week One.

Sure, it evolved and adapted, but it was there. They also had Salesforce when there was
only one rep. This certainly contributed to Cognism’s massive success.

‘A lot of the things you read aren’t necessarily going to be your reality. You need to create
your own reality.’