What it takes to grow SaaS Sales £0-10 million ARR in London - SaaS Growth Sales Talks by Pete Crosby , CRO Ometria

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Pete Crosby, CRO Ometria


#1 – Don’t take a sales leader role at a company that won’t show you their numbers

Having recently moved companies, Peter knows a thing or two about choosing the right next step. One thing Peter made sure he did was asking his new company about seeing their metrics, before he decided to join. Any company that won’t show you their KPIs and metrics in their entirety is hiding something. Once you’ve got their numbers, look for a story. Are the company doing as well as they say they’re doing?

#2 – Ignore your senior colleagues (for the first 2 weeks anyway!)

When you start your new sales leadership role, the first 2 weeks is for getting to know your team. The CTO is going to want to sit down with you. The founders might want to take you out for lunch. Ignore all of them! The route to success lies in the first 2 weeks. Get to know your team. Make them feel important. Give them belief. Find out everything you need to know about your new company from your team, not the C-suite.

#3 – Hire to cover your weaknesses

One of the first things you do should do in a new sales leadership role is spend money on elite people. Ignore your founders’ budget worries. There will be things in your job description that you are either not good at or don’t enjoy. Hire people that are really good at those things. However, remember that there are parts of your role you can’t get out of. Like putting the bins out at home, some jobs just need to be done.

‘Figure out what stuff is ‘putting the bins out’ and what stuff you’re bad at. Hire to cover the stuff you’re bad at.’

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