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We’re making the world’s best sales community even more valuable for 2022 – and you can find out more at the Sales Confidence site.

It’s 2022, and Sales Confidence is back and bigger than ever! It’s been a challenging time for all of us for a variety of reasons. We had to wait 18 months between in-person events – and that’s just for starters. But today, I’m optimistic for the future and it’s time to put my plans into action.

At Sales Confidence, my team and I are building the world’s most valuable sales community. Our mission is to elevate the sales profession and help salespeople and sales leaders at every stage of their career, in performance, mindset and wellbeing. In this article, I’ll share three ways that we’re going to make this community even better this year. We hope you’ll join us on the journey.

1 – Networking events

Events are still the core of what we do here at Sales Confidence. Our events are the beating heart of the community, where salespeople at every stage of their career can come together and share knowledge, make connections and have fun. 

This year, we’re going to have a hybrid schedule of 12-15 online and in-person events. Our next in-person event is for sales leaders on March 21st, back at the amazing five-star Andaz Hotel by Liverpool Street Station. We hope you’ll come and join us.

And that’s not all. The big news is… SaaSGrowth is back! We’re proud to bring back Europe’s number one sales, revenue and marketing conference for its fifth event on July 6th. SaaSGrowth 2022 will be the best event we’ve ever put on, so make sure you don’t miss it.

You can find our complete programme of events and book your seats at salesconfidence.co/events-and-networking.

2 – The learning support you need

At Sales Confidence, we’re all about supporting your sales journey whatever stage you’re at. Whether you’re an SDR, AE, VP of Sales or anything else, we’ve got the resources you need to boost your performance, mindset and wellbeing. 

The centrepiece of our events has always been our 7-minute talks. We’ve had experts from Salesforce, Ometria, LinkedIn and just about any other SaaS company you can think of delivering their insights to the Sales Confidence audience – with every talk captured on video for YouTube. In 2022, we’re going to make our library of 7-minute talks even more accessible by launching 7-minute podcasts. Now you can share in the knowledge wherever you are and whatever else you’re doing.

We’re also creating a learning portal for Sales Confidence members where you can access content tailored to your exact needs. Whatever stage of your career you’re at, whatever you’re goals are, we’ll create a learning pathway for you to follow to success.

Finally, we’ve seen that while some salespeople are earning great money, they don’t always know what to do with it. For this reason, we’re inviting finance experts to our events to advise on wealth management, investing, crypto, NFTs and more. Don’t say we don’t look after you!

Find out more at salesconfidence.co/growth

3 – Your next job, sorted

Now for something I’m really excited about. For the first time ever, Sales Confidence is launching a job board. It’s been something people have been asking me about since we started in 2017 – and now it’s happening!

You’ll now be able to search the Sales Confidence site and find all the top sales positions available in the SaaS industry. Could you find your next role on the Sales Confidence job board?

Find out more at https://jobs.salesconfidence.co/ 

See you soon

2022 is going to be a great year at Sales Confidence, and we hope you’ll join us on the journey.

Visit salesconfidence.com today and choose your path.