Why now is the time to scale

Why now is the time to scale



1 – A recession is no barrier to scale

Some of the biggest, most well-known businesses in the world started or scaled during
turbulent economic times, including Apple, Disney, Microsoft. Uber and Facebook scaled
during the 2008 financial crisis. Troubled times didn’t stop them, so don’t let it stop you.
They did it because they knew the fundamentals of business. They understood why people
buy from them.

2 – Understand why people buy

People who say ‘people aren’t buying things right now’ are on the wrong track. People still
need solutions to their problems. Right now, for example, everyone wants solutions that
help them work more effectively from home. The key is to understand why people buy.
Clue: it’s not what you do. This why people buy – they want to move towards pleasure and
move away from pain.

3 – What is your marketing message right now?

Think about what you’re telling potential customers right now. Are you showing them how
they can move towards pleasure or avoid pain? What problem do you solve? You should
also, more than ever, show empathy towards your customers – show that you know what
they’re going through and that you can help them. Let your conversations and the questions
you ask help them get where they want to be.

‘Don’t wait around. Don’t think ‘I don’t know how it’s going to work.’ Right now is the time
to get out and scale.’