How To Sell Creatively In 2023

To succeed in this challenging year, you need to do different. Let Yasmine Ferguson from GetAccept show you how. Let’s find out more.

Yasmine Ferguson

Yasmine is an AE at GetAccept, long-time Sales Confidence partners. She is also into psychology and coaching, cornerstones of what we’re all about here at Sales Confidence.
Below, Yasmine shares three ways to succeed at selling in 2023. It may take you out of your comfort zone, but the rewards are there.
‘It’s never been more difficult to sell. You can’t sit still and rely on what has worked so far. You’ve got to create a buying experience that stands out.’
Now, here are Yasmine’s three tips for selling with more creativity.

💁‍♀️ Be yourself

It sounds simple, but it’s more complicated than you think. 
Remember the old saying, ‘People buy from people.’ Buying anything - even software - requires engagement with the emotional side of your brain.
So, be yourself and have fun when you sell. If you’re having fun, your customer probably is too.

🤔 Lead with genuine curiosity

Curiosity is what can elevate your performance from mediocre to top-level. 
When you’re with a prospect, lead the conversation. Ask open questions and be truly interested in what they say. When you do this, you can create a story that matters to them, weaving in your knowledge and making it relevant.

🦸 Make your customers the hero of their story

Be a visionary to your customers (or a thought leader, as everyone calls themselves on LinkedIn).
Get them to imagine what they can achieve when they buy from you. Again, this comes from asking open questions.
It’s tricky - and it definitely requires moving away from email, but if you want to succeed in 2023, you’ve got to do it. Good luck!

👇 Over to you 

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What are you finding different in 2023? How do you overcome these new obstacles?
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