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How to Structure a Cold Call

SDR expert Owen Richards, Founder and CEO of Air Marketing, tells us the secret to great discovery, how is an objection a chance for you to sell, & more

Try not to talk about you. Try not to talk about your product. Try not to talk about the software you’re selling. Talk about the outcome it will deliver to the people you’re talking to.

This masterclass on cold calls from Owen Richards, Founder and CEO of Air Marketing, was non-stop fire…

What’s the secret to great discovery?

Do I really need to follow a script?

How is an objection a chance for you to sell?

My top 7 lessons:👇

  1. Build rapport from the start:

It all starts here. 

Build genuine connections with prospects. 

Listen, engage, and show that you understand their world. 

This isn’t just chit-chat; it’s the bedrock of successful sales.

  1. Master discovery: 

Know your prospect inside out. 

Start broad, then zero in on their specific challenges. 

It’s not just about asking questions; it’s about uncovering their real needs.

  1. Practice active listening: 

This is where the magic happens. 

Listen to what they’re really saying, and respond with insight. 

Don’t just register their words; go deep into their story.

  1. Go beyond the script: 

Throw out the script. 

Each conversation is unique. 

Adapt, improvise, and make each interaction as individual as your prospect.

  1. Close with confidence: 

When it’s time to close, do it with assurance. 

You’ve built the rapport, understood their needs, now seal the deal with confidence.

  1. Handle objections: 

Meet objections head-on. 

Use the DSQ method – Diffuse, Statement, Question. 

Turn objections into opportunities.

  1. Do your best work after the meeting: 

Don’t just walk away after a meeting. 

Summarize, clarify next steps, and show you’re in this for the long haul. 

Look at it as not just a meeting but the start of a journey.

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