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I’m thrilled to announce that Sales Confidence is partnering up with Winning by Design – the best SaaS management consultancy and training company in the world. Let’s find out more about them.

One of the things I like best about leading Sales Confidence is being able to announce new partnerships with world-class organisations in and around the SaaS industry, especially ones that share my mission of elevating the sales industry. Today, I’m excited to add a new name to the list – Winning by Design.

Working alongside Jeremy Spijker, Winning by Design’s Managing Director, we’re going to bring more value than ever before to The Sales Confidence community and membership. In this article, I’ll explain more.

Who is Winning by Design?

Winning by Design is a B2B revenue and go-to-market management consultancy and training company based in Silicon Valley but operating globally. It originated as a training firm for B2B sales professionals in 2012 but quickly expanded into consulting as its customers demanded more.

Today Winning by Design helps companies take the intellectual property it has developed and make it their own. 

Why now?

The services that Winning by Design provides are more important now than ever before. We’re all experiencing new challenges thrown at us by the current macroeconomic situation. 

Companies have to be more thoughtful about their next 6-18 months with regard to their runway, as it’s much harder to raise money at the moment. To succeed, they must become more sustainable and better structured. Some try to achieve this with layoffs, but that will only go so far. Companies must also optimise the way they work, focusing on:

  • Things that work (without so much experimentation)
  • Existing business, not just new business – It’s cheaper to upsell to renewing customers than win new ones
  • The impact you make and how to deliver more

There’s also a shift in the way buyers buy. In past years, companies bought SaaS products because they feared missing out. They didn’t want their competitors getting their hands on a solution that ‘might’ be better than what they have right now. However, economic pressures have changed this outlook. Now, buyers are more fearful of messing up and trying something new that ends up backfiring on them. This caution around spending money means they don’t spend money at all. As a result, FOMO has turned into FOMU.

Why do businesses work with Winning by Design?

SaaS companies come to Winning by Design because they enable revenue teams to address FOMU. Winning by Design shows teams how to identify whether a buyer has concerns about changing the status quo or about the budget for a piece of software. Then they show them how to use it to their advantage. This kind of knowledge is like gold dust in this economy.

In addition, Winning by Design addresses fundraising pressures by helping companies achieve the sustainable growth that VCs and private equity want to see right now. VCs want to see profit right now (or at least an understanding of how to get to profitability). Winning by Design helps companies get there. They called it ‘revenue architecture’.

Why Sales Confidence?

For Jeremy and the team at Winning by Design, partnering up with Sales Confidence makes perfect sense.

Like us, Winning by Design wants to help the entire B2B sales industry succeed. They do this through investment in R&D and producing excellent content to help companies grow. Sales Confidence is a thriving community of sales professionals, all intent on sharing knowledge and elevating the network. Together, Winning by Design and Sales Confidence can create the perfect channel to spread the word.

From my point of view, I can’t wait to work closer with Winning by Design. For me, they’re the best B2B training and consultancy organisation on the planet. The founder, Jacco van der Kooij, was an early champion of the community and spoke at our first SaaSGrowth event in 2018. It’s brilliant to see what a success Winning by Design has become. Together, we can help salespeople leverage the insights and information that will take them to the next level.

Here’s to a long and successful partnership!


Exclusive Winning by Design masterclass

Next week, Jeremy Strijker from Winning by Design presents an exclusive masterclass for Sales Confidence members. If you’re a member, don’t miss it. 

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