The 5 C’s That Make A Winning Culture

Pete Blackhurst from Trackforce Valiant shares how he builds high-performance cables cultures. What’s more, they all begin with C! Let’s find out more.

Pete Blackhurst

Pete is Vice President of International Sales at Trackforce Valiant. He has been in sales for 22 years, since the days when a salesperson’s best lead gen tool was a Yellow Pages! 
With such experience, Pete knows what a high-performance sales culture looks like. Below, he shares his 5 C’s that make up a winning culture. How many do you need to work on in your organisation?
‘When I get parachuted into an organisation because they’re not performing, I always see a direct correlation where there’s a bad culture. A leader should inspire people to do great things every single day. It’s not the number. The number always comes if you put things in the right place.’

🎯 Common goal

If you’ve watched Simon Sinek (and who hasn’t?), you’ll know about finding your ‘why’. Your why is the common goal of your team. It’s the reason you keep going and never give up.
Too many organisations don’t know their common goal. Make sure you have your why front and centre on a day-to-day basis.

💬 Communication

It takes more than one person to change the culture in an organisation, but if you have one person communicating well and building trust, it’s a good start.
A leader needs to be transparent when they communicate. They need to break down the silos that stand in the way of everyone moving forward together. 
When you have everyone communicating openly, you’re on the right path to a winning culture.

👥 Collaboration

Leaders don’t tell people what to do. Instead, they hire people that are better than them and put them together to collaborate.
Don’t be afraid of being overshadowed by your people that know more about something than you. That’s what they’re there for.
Understand what your team wants. Give them a voice. Don’t be the kind of leader people want to leave to escape.

🎓 Continuous learning

Focus on upskilling your team members - and mean it.
Any leader can schedule an hour in the team diary for learning, but without special effort, it becomes a waste of time.
Your team members are not all the same. They have their own individual strengths and weaknesses. Focus on where they are now and where they want to get to. 

💪 Competition

Internal competition inside sales teams, but perhaps not in the way you think.
You may have people in your teams who you consider the A-players because they bring in a lot of revenue. However, if they’re a pain, don’t share, or don’t help others reach their standards, they’re not A-players at all. In fact, do you really want them in your organisation?
Focus on the people, not on the number, and a winning culture will follow.

👇 Over to you 

What do you think makes up a winning sales culture? Share it with the community by leaving a comment.
If it begins with C, so much the better!