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Join the UK's leading community of SaaS sales professionals and leaders. Connect, learn and share in an exclusive space that can help you rapidly move the needle on the development and revenue of your business. 

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Discover some of the ways our membership can support you in your business. 

Maximising growth and revenue

Unlock unprecedented growth opportunities for your SaaS business. Our membership community and resources provide you with expert strategies and insights that will help elevate your revenue results.

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Hiring and developing a team

Join our inner circle and gain access to proven tactics for attracting, selecting, and retaining top-performing talent. Build a high-achieving sales team that will enhance your professional reputation and drive exceptional results.

Delivering ongoing profitability

Are you ready to transform your sales processes into a profit powerhouse? Our membership community is your gateway to cutting-edge techniques and industry-specific knowledge. Streamline operations, optimise performance, and fuel sustainable growth. 

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Meeting forecasts & investment targets

Worried about meeting sales forecasts or securing crucial investments? Our membership community has your back. Gain exclusive market insights and actionable guidance that will help you consistently deliver on expectations. 

Understand how to use AI to increase productivity

Get ahead of the sales leadership game and understand how to use the latest advancements in AI technology to your advantage. Get the inside scoop on the benefits and pitfalls of utilising AI as a potential weapon in the revenue-building arsenal for you and your team.

Be recognised as an industry thought leader 

Your experience and perspectives in the industry carry immense value. Give your voice a highly targeted platform and help shape direction of the SaaS Sales industry. Gain the wider respect you deserve, and be heard by the people that count.

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Views from sales professionals & industry leaders:

I see this membership as an essential development tool for sales professionals at any level trying to be the best they can be. I have learned so much from others within the membership. Connections made and the experiences shared are just as valuable. Sales Confidence is a part of my weekly routine which helps me to perform to the best of my ability in my role and ultimately achieve the things I want in my career.

Alex Condick

Head of Sales B2B at Finimize

As an early member, I was sceptical at first. Since then I've amassed huge knowledge weekly from useful masterclasses, and grown a network of incredible like-minded Sales Pros and Leaders with whom I'm so grateful to be connected. I've brought a lot of my learnings into my work which is helping me deliver better results, and setting me up for success to progress my career.

Timea Buchelova

AE at Breadwinner

I am glad I joined the Sales Confidence Membership. It's great to connect with like-minded people that are facing the same day-to-day challenges. We all learn from each other, and I can rely on a highly accountable cohort of sales professionals. The weekly masterclasses are insightful and inspirational, and the mentor conversations gave me the chance to leverage the knowledge of high experience VP of Sales.

Andrea Tundo

Sales Manager at Coursera

Peer groups have been a huge support & the masterclasses are always valuable and relevant. When I joined Sales Confidence Membership I thought that the mentorship would have the highest impact for me, but the networking, peer groups and masterclasses have surpassed expectations.

Carly Pledge

Business Development Leader | Top 10 SDR Leader 2022 at CloudCall

Sales Confidence provides a unique opportunity to network, learn and gain insight from the UK’s SaaS leaders and founders of the future. Whether a sole contributor, sales leader or founder of a growing business, the events I’ve attended cater towards all 3 audiences and it’s incredible to see the collaboration and knowledge sharing in action.

Laura Moniz de Aragão

Regional Vice President at Europe at BetterUp

I’ve really enjoyed the Sales Confidence events I’ve attended so far as they bring together a group of sales experts and those who want to learn from there. All this helps the whole industry improve by raising the sales performance bar.

Ricardo Simard

Head of Commercial Cloud & Security Partnerships at BT

I got huge amounts of value from the first event. I took away pages of notes with some pieces that we’ve been able to implement already. Hearing from UK-based SaaS sales leaders was particularly valuable, and Sales Confidence is one of the only events to offer this.

Will Read

CEO at Sideways

Insightful speakers and a high quality audience. It’s exactly what London’s SaaS community needed.

Pat Traynor

Regional Vice President at The Dots Global

Hiring effective sales management

Our membership community is your gateway to mastering the art of identifying, hiring, and developing high-impact sales managers. Elevate your leadership skills and shape a culture of excellence that drives remarkable results throughout your organisation.

Ensuring teams have the right tools, processes & people.

Equip yourself and your team with the essential resources for sales success. Our membership community provides you valuable insights on the latest tools, cutting-edge processes, and talent guidance, to ensure your sales division thrives under your leadership. 

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Setting out and building the right culture

Looking to cultivate a thriving sales culture that drives growth? Join our community and embrace collaboration, innovation, and accountability. Our membership will help you foster an environment of success, where your team exceeds targets and you become a respected leader who ignites greatness. 

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Give back & empower the next generation

Share your learnings and personal experiences in SaaS Sales with our community, to help guide the next generation of SDR's, AE's and Sales Leaders in setting new standards in quality and performance. Your individual experiences carry huge value in helping shape the next generation. Our community wants to hear your insights.

Master successful Social Selling & Personal Branding

There's never been a more important time for you and your team to be at the top of your social selling game. Get the inside track on what's working & what's not from pros at the forefront of the industry. Open up valuable discussions, and connect with successful peers already leading the way. 

Best practices for GTM (Go-To-Market)

Our membership community can equip you with effective strategies, tactics, and frameworks for maximum market penetration. Stand out in the market, penetrate new segments, and achieve sustained revenue growth. Get ready to unleash your product's full potential and leave a lasting mark. 

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Avoid professional burnout

Being a consistent high achieving leader in SaaS can sometimes be challenging. Learn the positive actions others in your position take to avoid burnout while continuing to grow and progress your business.

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Nurture your winning mindset



Greatly enhance your knowledge, relationships and experience to nurture your winning mindset. Take the steps you need to achieve your personal goals and business ambitions by leveraging the power of our 'Circle' membership to your advantage.

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